Summer Netball 2023: Join the Fun on the Court!

Summer Netball 2023: Join the Fun on the Court!

, by Kirk Lloyd, 3 min reading time

competition offers a fantastic opportunity for players of all ages to showcase their skills, make friends, and enjoy the thrill of the game.

Registration Details:

  • Age Groups: Players aged 9 and above are welcome to participate. Even 8-year-olds can join and play in the 9-year-old division!
  • Registration Deadline: Make sure to secure your spot by registering before midnight on Sunday, August 20th.
  • Summer Season Dates: The competition kicks off on Thursday, September 7th, and the final play day will be on Thursday, December 7th. Please note, there will be no play during the October school holidays.

Competition Categories:

Junior Mixed Competition: For players aged 9 to 16, the Junior Mixed Comp offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills. Games will be played on Thursdays with time slots at 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Young talents aged 8 are also invited to join, and they will have the chance to play on full-height goal posts and go head-to-head against 9-year-olds.

Senior Mixed Competition: If you're 16 years old or above, the Senior Mixed Comp is your chance to shine. Thursday nights are reserved for this exciting competition with game times at 6:45 pm, 7:40 pm, and 8:35 pm, dependent on the number of participants.

Mixed Rules and All-Female Teams: In the spirit of friendly competition, our mixed rules stipulate that no more than 3 males are allowed on the court at any given time. Furthermore, each third of the court can have a maximum of 1 male player. This unique setup ensures an even playing field for all participants. Additionally, all-female teams are more than welcome to join either the Junior or Senior Comp. Get ready for a diverse and dynamic showdown!

Cost Information:

  • Current Registered Players: Juniors and Seniors can join the fun for just $25.
  • Non-Registered Players: New to our club? Not a problem! For the 2023 Summer Comp, there's a $25 fee plus an associated NSW fee:
    • 8 and 9-year-olds: $25 + $84 NSW fee.
    • Juniors (10-17): $25 + $61 NSW fee.
    • Seniors (18+): $25 + $78 NSW fee.

Summer Comp 6-Month Registration Option: Players who haven't registered in 2023 yet but want to be part of the Summer Comp can opt for a 6-month registration. During the payment process, simply select the 6-month option from the fee drop-down box. It's a convenient way to dive into the excitement of the Summer Comp!

Ready to Join?

We can't wait to have you on the court this summer! To register for the Summer Netball 2023, please visit [link to registration page] and follow the easy steps. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Get ready to experience the joy of netball, connect with fellow players, and make lasting memories. See you on the court!

Note: The Sylvania Heights Netball Club acknowledges and supports the regulations of Netball NSW. In case of any discrepancies between our information and Netball NSW's regulations, the latter shall prevail.

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