About our Club

Sylvania Heights Netball Club is a Foundation Member of the Sutherland Shire Netball Association.

The club was first formed in 1960 and has proudly been affiliated with the Sylvania Heights Community Youth Club since that time.

We encourage a family friendly environment and promote the values of teamwork, respect, integrity, reward through effort and fair play. We value each and every member of our club, and strive to support all players, coaches and umpires so we can all play the game we love.

We look forward to a very enjoyable and successful season in 2019


Netball Club Founded 1960


In 1956 the Sutherland Shire Council first decided to allocate land on Box Road, Sylvania Heights, to be developed for sporting activities for the use of the local community. Early in 1958 the local Progress Association ask those interested in sporting activities to organise a sports club. A meeting was arranged through the Sylvania Heights Public School to publicise an inaugural meeting of parents and children which would be held in June on the Box Road site. This meeting determined the need of a sports club for the local community.

There it all began, the founding of Sylvania Heights Sports Club, later to become Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club Inc. The local school colours were green and orange but the committee decided to go with Australian colours of green and gold.

Basketball for girls was introduced to Sutherland Shire Girls Basketball Association in 1960. Through the Sylvania Heights Community Youth Club they decided Sylvania Heights Girls Basketball Club would be formed so it could become one of the founding clubs to participate in the newly formed competition. In 1963 Sylvania fielded 9 teams and in 1964 17 teams. 1970 was when the named changed from basketball to netball. 1983 Sylvania was a great year as we fielded 53 teams with 22 teams in the Grand Finals. Today in 2017 we have 33 teams with 9 teams in the Grand Finals.

In 1964 SHNC committee was formed still being affiliated with SHCYC which we are still proud to be a part of to this day. With the committee being formed came decisions to be made. Purchasing materials to make the uniforms, yellow with green cap sleeves and different coloured girdies for different grades for 9s to 11s. Box pleat yellow tunic and white blouse for 13s to 15s, green box pleat tunic and white blouse for seniors. Of course the uniform has changed. In the 80’s the club introduced yellow pleated skirts and white polo shirts, then added print to the shirt. Sylvania have moved forward over the years with the changes of the uniform to suit the era and are very proud to say they have kept their colours and format of a yellow skirt and white top. Other excerpts form the 1965 meetings also include supplying transport for the players to travel to the netball courts from Box Road to Seymour Shaw and back, oranges provided for each team, a fee of 1/6p per game for each player payable to each team chaperone. No chewing gum, no jewelry or hair rollers to be worn whilst playing. From 1965 all teams were to have a manager and a coach. The newssheet, score sheets, rain days, need for umpires, encouraging umpires with payment. These things were all discussed in general meetings.

There is and always will be a lot of history with any sporting association and those who volunteer their time and learn of the beginnings and the ongoing volunteering and enjoyment of giving, will always be nurtured in their memories. The success of any club starts with the parents, the players, the committee. the coaches, the managers and the umpires. Sylvania Heights Netball Club has had many past and present SSNA representative players and many members go onto be part of SSNA Executive. We will continue to strive to be one of the best clubs in SSNA and we intend to be around for a very long time.

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